Dalgona Coffee Recipe with Coffee Beater

What is Dalgona Coffee?

In essence, dalgona coffee (dalgona keopi) is made from whipped coffee. It is prepared using four easy ingredients – instant coffee sugar, hot water, milk and the good electric beater.

Sugar, coffee and hot water are added to the bowl, then whisked by the coffee beater until it attains soft, velvety, and top quality. The coffee that has been whipped is drizzled over the milk of your choice, either warm or cold milk. Done!

With more and more people in their homes doing self-distancing and isolation over the past few months, making dalgona coffee has become a great task to try at home. It’s true that it’s delicious as well! I hope that you will join the party.

No matter where it came from the whipped coffee is easy, fast and fun to make, especially if you have the handy coffee beater at home. My family thinks it’s superior to cafe coffee in the area. I’m just saying! Hope you enjoy it!

Ingredients, Serves 1
1 Tbsp instant espresso (I made use of Moccona vanilla praline, and it’s delicious!)
1 tablespoon sugar
1 Tbsp hot water 1 Tbsp hot
1/4 cup to 1 Cup of milk (your preference) either chilled or heated
(optional) (optional) Ice cubes
* 1 Tbsp is 15ml

I haven’t had the chance to try different types of coffee (such as freshly ground coffee, etc.) using this recipe. However, many who have tried these kinds of coffee have said they don’t perform like instant coffee. They don’t have the same amount of creamy quality.

How Do I Make Dalgona Coffee with coffee beater?

1. Mix instant coffee with sugar and hot water in the bowl of a mixer. Mix them thoroughly. Utilizing the portable mixer (stand mixer or milk frother) beat it at a very high until coffee mix is a hard peak (2-4 minutes).

2. Put the ice cubes in the mug and pour the milk. Scoop the coffee whipped over the milk. Serve.

HOW To Store It?
If you whip up a huge amount of coffee whipped, it can be stored for several days in an air-tight container (without milk). It will eventually dissolve but will stay steady for a few hours at the very least.

Although hand electric coffee beater has made it a lot easier to prepare mugs of coffee in no time,  but if the mixture is to be stored, use an air tight jar to keep it’s freshness secure.


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